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ISSN : 1738-0294(Print)
ISSN : 2288-8853(Online)
Journal of Mushrooms Vol.12 No.1 pp.24-28

표고버섯의 배양적 특성 및 자실체 형성에 관한 연구

이원호*, 김인엽, 고한규, 김선철, 최선규, 노종현, 박흥수
산림조합중앙회 산림버섯연구센터

Cultural characteristics and formation of fruiting body in Lentinula edodes

Won-Ho Lee*, In-Yeop Kim, Han-Gyu Ko, Seon-Cheol Kim, Sun-Gyu Choi, Jong-Hyun Noh and Heung-Soo Park
Forest Mushroom Research Center, gyeonggi Yeoju 469-803, Korea
Received January 2, 2014 , Revised March 28, 2014 , Accepted April 2, 2014


Lentinula edodes is known by oak mushroom. It has been favored as delicious and nutritious food and the lowcaloriefood with a high nutritional value. It is also functional food since it contains a material well-known for its medicinalbenefits. Since the growth and quality of oak mushrooms are sensitively affected by environmental conditions, an adequateenvironmental control is very essential to improve the yield and quality under protected cultivation. The main objectives of thestudy were to investigate cultural characteristics of mycelial growth and in vitro fruiting of Lentinula edodes. The optimum culturemedia for mycelial growth of L. edodes were PDA and MYA. Similarly, optimum temperature was 25oC. Malt extract(2%) andyeast extract(0.2%) were optimum carbon and nitrogen sources. Optimal culture period was 110~120 days in sawdust medium.Mycelial growth in medium(61 mm/7 days) Quercus mongolica extract the most good. Among different five log types, highestmycelial growth and fruiting productivity were observed in Quercus variabilis sawdust(20.9%).